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How To Identify a CCA/CCS Cable?

There are several ways to identify if the conductor of a cable is 100% copper, CCA or CCS.
Let’s list them from the simplest to the most complex:

1. Weight Test

Since the specific gravity of aluminum or steel is very low compared to copper, a cable made of the same length of CCA or CCS conductor is much lighter than a copper cable. However, in order not to be mistaken while doing this test, remove the cable completely from its packaging, because some manufacturers use additional materials to make packages weigth heavier.

2. Conductor Check

Strip the conductor jackets. If the color of the conductor is orange, the top layer is copper. Begin stripping the conductor with a utility knife. If the color has turned to silver, the conductor is aluminum or iron. In other words, it is understood that aluminum or copper conductor is coated with copper conductor.

3. Bend Test

Separate the wires and strip the conductors. Twist the bare conductor up and down several times with your fingers. CCA or CCS conductor breaks very quickly compared to copper conductor

4. Flame Test

Strip the sheath of the cable conductor and light the conductor with a lighter. The CCA or CCS conductor will melt immediately and fall off.

5. Performance Test

Use a copper certification device to test the cable. The DC resistance unbalance value of CCA or CCS conductors will be measured to be out of specification. In order not to be mistaken, run this test at ISO/IEC 11801 standard, because ANSI/TIA 568-C.2 defines this parameter for channels only while ISO/IEC 11801 defines it for permanent links and channels.

🚨 Important!

Some manufacturers make the orange and green pairs from bare copper and the blue and brown pairs from CCA or CCS conductors. Apply conductor, bend and flame tests to all 4 pairs!

Zemecs LAN Cables

Only bare annealed solid copper conductors are used in the production of Zemecs LAN cables. Our portfolio does not include any product with CCA or CCS conductors.

Zemecs products you may be interested in:

Part Number: T133ZMXY
Part Number: T133ZMXY Horizontal cable for enterprise networks requiring 10G connectivity @500Mhz. Overall foiled pairs with LSOH jacket. Supports PoE, PoE+ and 4PPoE applications.
Part Number: T131ZMXY
Part Number: T131ZMXY Horizontal cable for enterprise networks requiring 10G connectivity @500Mhz. Unshielded pairs with LSOH jacket. Supports PoE, PoE+ and 4PPoE applications. Patented design with third party verification including all AXT parameters.
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