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Product Categories

Part Number: A105-İK
Part Number: A105-İK For running cables around corners inwards.
Part Number: A105-DK
Part Number: A105-DK For running cables around corners outwards.
Part Number: A105-90K
Part Number: A105-90K For routing cables up/down.
Part Number: A105-TD
Part Number: A105-TD For diverting cables in left/right( up/dpown) directions.
Part Number: A105-DB
Part Number: A105-DB For diverting cables from one direction to three others.
Part Number: A105-SK
Part Number: A105-SK For terminating trunkings.
Part Number: A105
Part Number: A105 Aesthetical and durable trunking solution for all applications. Separation of power and ELV cables. 45mm. Termination of power, data, voice and video at 45mm. faceplates.
Part Number: A105-SEP3
Part Number: A105-SEP3 For separating power and ELV cables. 30mm height.
Part Number: A105-SEP4
Part Number: A105-SEP4 For separating power and ELV cables. 40mm height.
Part Number: A105-BS
Part Number: A105-BS For connecting two trunkings.
Zemecs A105 series floor aluminum cable trunking solution is ideal for running and terminating cables in residential, commercial and industrial applications. ELV and power cables are laid through separate compartments without interfering with each other and terminated at 45x45 mm. or 22,5x45 mm. modules and sockets. A robust, functional and stylish trunking infrastructure is achieved when used with accessories (e.g. 90° up-down, inner-outer corners).