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19″ Standing Racks w/Front&Rear Perforated Doors

19″ Standing Racks w/Front&Rear Perforated Doors

Part Number: RKUUS-DC2

Zemecs RKUUS-DC2 series 19” standing type rack cabinets are designed and manufactured to accommodate IT hardware and equipments used by corporations of any scale. The front and rear doors are single perforated and products comply with IEC 60297-2 standard. They are offered from 9U to 52U heights and in sizes from 60x60cm. to 100x120cm. The broad accessory options enable effective utilization and facilitated maintenance of IT systems.

  • Available in heights from 20U to 52U; ability to supply at different heights
  • 60×60, 60×80, 80×80, 60×100, 80×100, 100×100 and 100x120cm. size options
  • Front and rear doors made of min. 70% perforated steel (circular or beehives design
  • Easy to install and remove side panels with latch
  • Clear marking of U height on front and rear vertical rails made of galvanized sheet metal
  • Front and rear doors with metal lock
  • Cooling units with 2, 4 or 6 fans and temperature control unit
  • Wide choice of accessories