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90x20mm. Round Aluminum Trunking w/Cover, 4 Ways, Anodized

90x20mm. Round Aluminum Trunking w/Cover, 4 Ways, Anodized

Part Number: A501

Zemecs A501 series round aluminum cable trunking solution enables vertical and horizontal cable crossings between floors or departments of a building where termination is not required. ELV and power cables can be laid through separate ways without interfering with each other. While 3 supporting vertical rails increase physical strength against bending or breaking, the fully metal housing guarantees undisturbed flow of data through telecommunications cables.

When used with other PVC cable trunking accessories, it becomes one of the broadest trunking solutions available in the market.

  • Anodized aluminum housing with cover
  • 4 ways
  • Robust design against bending and breaking
  • %100 data security via EMI protection
  • Compatible with PVC trunking accessories
  • Sliding cover enabling easy installation
  • Delivered at any length and colour (requires minimum order quantity)